Alternative practitioner
for psychotherapy (HeilprG.)

„Healing cannot take place unless we accept that we are worthy of being healed, even though that may shake our view of the world and our interactions with others.“
(Mario Martinez, Psy.D.)

How can I help you?


and you wish to get better, I will be glad to support you in solving your problem through therapy, psychological counseling or coaching. I also offer coaching for parents together with my husband Dr. Daniel Karrasch.

As a non-medical (alternative) practitioner of psychotherapy, I help people in difficult situations to find a way to their inner self and the potential solutions to their problems. Using a wide range of interventions, I guide you to the resources within you so that you can find the way out of the crisis that is most suitable for you. As a support I will share with you some tools that can be helpful for your current situation and can be easily implemented in everyday life.

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Successful coping with a crisis brings with it the opportunity for positive change in one's life.

About me

I intend with my work that my patients emerge stronger from a crisis or a difficult life situation, that they recognize their strengths and grow in self-esteem, that they learn to accept and love themselves as they are, that they develop a different perspective on what has happened, and that they find new strategies for overcoming problems. In my work with children and adolescents, I pay special attention to enabling them to become mature adults, to assert themselves in life, to let them know that they are good the way they are, and to dare to say „no“ loudly and clearly whenever it is necessary. Sometimes you cannot change the situation. But what you can change is the way you look at it, as beautifully expressed in a quote of Dale Carnegie: „Two prisoners looked through the bars into the distance. One saw only dirt, the other the stars.“

My passion to work as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy stems from my own life story: a difficult childhood, a serious illness that I overcame, several relocations to different countries and the respective new social and professional beginnings that came with them have all been part of my life's journey so far. Read more

„The goal of healing work is not to shed the personality entirely, but to free ourselves from its automatic programming. It is to give us access to what lies beneath, to reconnect with what is essential about us.“
(Dr. Gabor Maté)

Procedure and costs

I treat people of all ages, including children and adolescents in particular. You can choose between on-site treatment in my office or online via video conference.

60-minute single session: 90 EUR
90-minute single session: 130 EUR
Couple therapy/counseling: 150 EUR

The duration of the treatment as well as the frequency of the sessions depends on the situation and will be discussed individually during the first session.

Upon request, sessions are also available in Russian, German or English.

Please note that my practice is a private practice for self-pay patients. The therapy services are not covered by the public health insurance. If you have private health insurance, you can ask your health insurance company about the possibility of billing.

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